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Digital Storytelling Course

Digital Storytelling Course

Well, I’ve signed up to take a course in digital storytelling to prove my blogging skills. The assignments will appear here, and your comments, criticisms, concerns, questions and feedback are all welcome.

Feel free to be brutally honest, as I have never unfriended anyone for sharing their honest opinions. In my opinion, the greatest sin is silence.




My name is Philip VIII, or Philimagne if you prefer. Houston, Texas, is where I currently reside, but I come from Brooklyn, New York. I know a thing or two, have been around the block a few times, done a great many things, and feel that I have something of value to contribute.

My time though is very short, exactly 243 days remain for me, and this blog is like a 21st Century, interactive, multimedia, message in a bottle, to carry a tiny portion of my wit, wisdom, sense of humor, creativity, and unique perspective to distant shores beyond my reach.


The device I use most often is the iPhone 5c, and I must say that as a lifetime Trekker I am impressed and hugely pleased with the progress we are making toward our Star Trek
future. The smartphone is closer to a tricorder than I ever dreamed of seeing, much less owning. I love the fact that most people these days carry around more creative communication equipment than any 20th century Hollywood movie studio. Few people use even a tiny fraction of this power, and I hope that I can learn how to put this power to good use telling my own story, and perhaps even help at least a few people to do the same.

This is the place where my online, public voice will form up and take shape. This is a place to try new things, so you can expect to run across things you will not like. Not everything here will suit everybody, so just take what you like (taking a moment or two to comment on, or “Like”, what you take) and leave the rest. Far from being thin skinned, I really do welcome your criticisms and comments.


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