Poultry In Motion

01 Dec


I’m not sure where the flock is going, but it looks like they’ll be there in a .gif.


If you like chicken eggs, like the kind you find at the supermarket, you owe it to yourself, (and to the poor, cruelly caged birds who suffer for your souffle,) to try organic, free range duck eggs. They are huge, have a better yoke to white ratio than chicken eggs, which makes them even tastier, and they can often be tolerated by people who are allergic to regular eggs.

You will probably be surprised the first time you see the dark yellow (almost orange)  of organic eggs (even the organic chicken eggs.) Factory eggs have yokes that are almost pastel yellow (they literally pale in comparison) because these chickens are fed a diet of corn. Did you even know that chickens in the wild don’t eat corn? Did you know that their natural diet includes bugs, plants, seeds and worms? Surprise!

egg near blueberries

Cooking with organic duck eggs is just the same as with chicken eggs, but since duck eggs are several times larger it will take a bit of calculation to make substitutions in your favorite recipes. You will have to learn to measure your eggs by volume, but then, you should always weigh your ingredients to get consistent results. This holiday season I will be doing a lot of baking, including a custard pie that is “To Die For”, and is now even better since I started using duck eggs. If you try them and find a recipe that they seem especially good in, please feel free to share it in the comments below.

You should be able to buy your cruelty free, organic duck eggs at the farmer’s market. They will cost more than supermarket eggs, and they will be worth every penny.  If you can’t find them locally you can search for sources Online. And if you are fortunate enough to live in, or near to, Houston, Texas, you can purchase them from Renaissance Chicken, in the town of Sealy; it’s a paradise for poultry, and a perfect source for their organic eggs. I happily recommend this company because I have been there, know the owners and can vouch for their dedication to a holistic system that includes healthy food from healthy sources. It doesn’t hurt either that they are also woman owned, minority owned, and open for inspection to anyone who wants to visit and see the flocks for themselves.

If you love eating eggs, like I do, you have a choice. You get eggs produced by birds that live in dark, cramped warehouses, by birds which never see the sun, and exist as nothing more than living cogs in giant egg making machines, or you can support local organic farmers and their free running, free feeding flocks. Omelet you decide.

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